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Frequently asked questions

We’ve put together the most commonly asked questions to help you along. If you still have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is Summer of Biz?

Summer of Biz (SoB) is a non-profit, industry-led programme that helps bridge the gap between New Zealand tertiary students, and their first job in HR & Marketing.

What is a Summer of Biz event?

From March to August each year, we co-ordinate a programme of workshops, on technical & professional topics, designed to help students prepare for work.  There is no cost to attend, but you must be registered for our programme AND registered for the specific event – space is limited!

More detail about our different events is here

What is a Summer of Biz Internship?

Our definition of an “internship” is a full time, paid summer job. Usually from mid November-mid February (approximately 400 hours).  It is mentored & supervised closely by the host employer, and the intern works on real HR or Marketing projects. There is an employment contract in place, and usually no expectation of ongoing work beyond the summer.

We ask all employers in our SoB Interns programme to abide by these guidelines on what makes a good HR & Marketing internship.

Student eligibility

Are secondary students eligible?

No. Summer of Biz is for students who are enrolled in a NZ tertiary institution.  Our full terms & conditions for students are here.

 Are recent university graduates eligible?

Summer of Biz Internships are restricted to students with a student ID for the current calendar year.  If you graduate mid-year, you are still eligible for summer internships.

Are international students eligible?

Yes. As long as you’re studying at a NZ tertiary institution, and have a valid work visa for the summer.

Student Profiles

What do the different “skill” levels mean?

We are asking for your experience level for each skill. Academic means you’ve studied it; Practical means you’ve practiced it in your spare time or done it as a volunteer project. For “Practical” you need to have something that you can physically demonstrate as a completed project, during a job interview; Paid means you’ve been paid to do it.

If you are interested in learning something during your internship (regardless of your skill/experience level), you should also select “Interested”.

What do I put for my “academic record”?

Our preference is for your most recent tertiary course results – it doesn’t have to be an official transcript, a screen shot of grades from past years, and so far this year is fine.

If you’re a first year student, you *could* include your final year high school results, but you should update it as soon as you get uni grades.

If your institution doesn’t provide this, please contact our team for advice.

Can SoB help me with my CV?

Yes, please attend our CV Bootcamps and clinics! If you missed those, we have office hours at some campuses later in the year.  If you join the programme REALLY late, please review the CV Bootcamp slides and videos. Have a crack at it, and contact us if you want feedback from one of the team before the end of August.  September is too late to get your CV sorted, we’re deep into recruitment season!

What do I write in the “Short Blurb” and “About Me” sections?

Your “Short Blurb” should include the specific role(s) you’re looking for. Are you interested in HR or Marketing? Recruitment or social media? This is the text that goes right next to your profile picture when an employer sees it in a search result. Be snappy!

The “About Me” section is like a generic cover letter (remember multiple different employers can see it!). Tips on writing an effective “Why Hire Me” section are here.  Also, check out Roseanna’s post about the anatomy of a good student profile, here.

Bonus tips: getting the profile photo right is the key to making a good first impression! The photo should be a professional headshot, that’s recognisably YOU, so that employers remember you when they meet you at SoB events. Here’s some tips about profile photos.

Who can see my profile?

Employers who have registered and posted internship roles on the SoB website can see your completed profile. When you have opted into region(s), and completed your profile, you can see them, too! You can see their company profiles here, and jobs here.

How do I withdraw from SoB?

If your plans change, or if you get a job outside of the SoB programme, then you MUST opt out of all programmes. You can do this on your profile settings.  We archive your profile, so that you can log in and refresh it next year. If you want us to remove all record of your profile from SoB, contact us.


Is there a cost for students to attend SoB events?

No. Our charitable purpose is all about inclusive, accessible, free educational events for students.

What is a “Bootcamp”?

1-2 hour workshops or talks, on technical and non-technical topics.  These are designed to inform, inspire and upskill students on the stuff that industry wants you to know. They might be lecture style, or hands-on – it all depends on the presenters!

We sometimes have 1:1 clinics, too. That means you’ll be allocated a short time to get advice 1:1 from an employer/volunteer.

Who are the presenters?

Usually volunteers from the SoB network, or the SoB Team. Usually employers, who want you to learn this stuff so that they can hire you for internships in the summer!  We are constantly talking to industry about what gaps they’re seeing in graduates. We try to work alongside tertiaries, supporting what they’re teaching, but we’re able to move quickly to deploy short sharp lessons based on industry demand.

What if I can’t attend?

If you’re not available due to geography or other work/life/study commitments, then we do our best to make the slides & resources available in the Student Resources section of our website.  We video our most important sessions, and these are posted on the website, too.

If you are registered for an event but your plans change and you can’t attend, it is really important to withdraw from the event at least 4 hours before it is due to start. This will give another student a chance to secure a spot. Most of our student events have a waiting list.

If you’re running late to a SoB event, please let the team know by email or DM on our website, and we’ll hold your spot for you.

How can I get my attendance recorded so the event shows on my profile?

We have volunteer student champions who help run our events, and they will “check in” attendees and manage the waiting list if events are oversubscribed. Please get your name ticked off when you arrive, or if you arrive late, find them at the end of the event. If you miss them completely, send us a message, and we’ll check you in.

I’m on the waitlist for an event, what does that mean?

This means the event is full, and you are waiting for a spot to become available. You will get an email if you secure a spot.  If you are VERY keen to attend, you are welcome to come along just in case there is space. We can’t guarantee you’ll get a spot, but if someone doesn’t turn up 5 minutes after the start time, we will let you in to take their spot!

Can I communicate with employers?

There are opportunities throughout the year to meet employers at our events. The main one for this is Meet & Greet, don’t miss it!  We don’t give out employer contact information to students (there’s a lot of you!)

They will contact you if they want to arrange a job interview.

What if I get a job outside Summer of Biz?

If you’re no longer available for summer internships, please Opt Out of all programmes on your dashboard. We’ll save your profile information for next year.

If you want us to delete your profile, send us a DM from the website.

How do I know if they’re interested in me?

Employers will “Shortlist” candidates they’re interested in. Most wait to do this after Meet & Greet. Some wait until right before Offers day!

If you’re shortlisted, you will see they’re interested on your Jobs page. It’s a sign that you might be invited for an interview.  We suggest you check out the organisation profile, research the role, and be ready to talk to them if they contact you.


When do internships start & finish?

Usually mid November to mid February, but the exact dates & hours are to be agreed between the employer and the employee.  Some students finish exams earlier than mid November, some tertiary courses don’t finish until mid December.  Your employer should be talking to you about your availability during the final stages of the interview process.

We ask that you are available full time, Monday-Friday, for 400 hours between November and March.

If that’s not your situation, please withdraw from Summer if Biz Internships.

I’ve got a holiday booked this summer, can I still participate?

Yes. We ask that you are available full time, Monday-Friday, for 400 hours between November and March.   Many NZ businesses shut down between 25 December and 10 January. If you’ve already committed to be away for more than a week outside of that time, then we suggest you mention it to the employer at the end of your 2nd interview (or if they bring it up earlier).

I’ve got more questions…

The best way to contact us is via Direct Message on the website. Log in and click on the ? button at the bottom right of the screen. We’ll respond as soon as we can.

Do you still have more questions?