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Summer of Biz Interns

SoB Internships are full-time, paid, entry-level HR or Marketing roles, usually from mid-November to mid-February. You'll need to provide access to an experienced mentor. We can advise you how to maximise the potential of your intern to ensure they're delivering what you need during the summer. It's a great way to invest in the next generation of NZ talent, and a strategic recruitment tool to build your team.

Marketing & HR internships

Internships are full-time, paid roles, usually from mid-November to mid-February. Our recruitment events happen in September. Our partner organisation, Summer of Tech, achieves retention of around 80% of interns by their employers beyond summer. It’s a great way to invest in the next generation of NZ HR & Marketing talent… and a very strategic recruitment tool if you’re looking to build your team.

Candidates have skills in marketing strategy, communications, digital marketing, social media, human resources, customer support, event management, organisational development, recruitment, and more.

Technology & design internships

Summer of Biz is the little sibling of Summer of Tech. If you’re looking for candidates have skills in web development, software engineering, DevOps, digital design, Business Analysis, digital marketing, software testing, app development, security, User Experience then Summer of Tech can help. Head here to find out more.

Looking for tips on hiring an intern? Take a a look at Intern Quest.

Summer Internship Programme Elements

Our internship programme has the following key events and activities:

Key dates

SoB Summer Internships line up with New Zealand uni holidays. These dates will help you understand which part of the process we currently are in, and what's coming next.

31st August

Deadline for internship listings

Complete your organisation profile, post internship roles, and search SoB student profiles

Early September

Recruitment events: Meet & Greet and Speed Interviews to narrow down your shortlist.

Your chance to meet SoB students in real life, for informal networking and speed interviews.

Late September

Speed interviews

Employers interview students shortlisted in quick fire 10 minute interviews, longer interviews are scheduled for top students.


Offers: all SoB Internship offers are released on the same day, to ensure it's a fair market for top talent.

Make sure your shortlist is finalised and you have offers ready to send to your top candidates.


Internships start: most students are available from mid November to mid February.

Internships are full time, usually 400 hours during the summer break. Dates are flexible, to be agreed between you and your intern.


Internships finish: if students are returning to study, they'll need to get ready for the academic year in March.

Many interns are retained into full-time or part-time roles after their internships.

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