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Summer of Biz – COVID-19 Update

By Fiona Shaw
May 27 2020

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Just over three years ago we launched Summer of Biz in association with Summer of Tech.  We’ve had a great three years slowly building the Biz programme across the Wellington region and beyond.  

In that time, we’ve advertised over 100 HR and marketing-related positions, and placed around 75 amazing students into paid internships.  We’ve run dozens of bootcamps, networking events and two successful day-long BizFests. In the process, we’ve helped to kick-start some amazing careers. 

But this year it’s going to be a little different.

We are on hold

Sadly, the current Covid-19 pandemic, associated restrictions and catastrophic impact on the economy has made running Summer of Biz unviable.  The disruptions to the lives of students, as well as the operations of our partner universities and employers has been immense.  The dedicated group of Biz volunteers who make it all happen have also found themselves at the centre of their own employers’ Covid-19 response efforts.  As a result:

Looking ahead a few months, the biggest deciding factor has been that we anticipate there will be very little demand from employers for HR and marketing interns for at least the next 12 months as businesses put hiring freezes in place, re-cast budgets and, in some cases, downsize.  We know our Summer of Tech colleagues are expecting a drop in interns too. The difference is that they have a large enough programme that they can sustain it in a reduced form, whereas the numbers of Biz internships don’t justify us running a full programme this year.

For all of these reasons, we have regrettably decided to put Summer of Biz on hold for 2020.

So what does this mean?

For students – if you have already signed up for Summer of Biz we will be transferring your profile to Summer of Tech.  There may well be one or two employers who will look for a marketing or HR intern this year under the ‘Tech’ banner and we want to give you every chance to get a job

For employers – we already have a good number of Biz students registered and so you can still list any marketing, HR or general business position you need to fill.  The main difference is that you will list your roles under the Summer of Tech programme.

For Summer of Biz – it’s an opportunity for us to take a deep breath and think about how we might come back better and stronger next year, and what a future programme might look like with the expected changes to the world of work. In the meantime, we’ll be contacting everyone connected with the Summer of Biz programme to let them know what’s happening.  

In the meantime – stay safe, keep calm, be kind. 

The Summer of Biz team  


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