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Student experience: BizFest 2018

By Fiona Shaw
September 18 2018

Posted in Blog, Student Stories

Summer of Biz student Kelly Kernighan shares her experiences at BizFest 2018.

“BizFest 2018 was an incredible experience that enabled me to apply the knowledge that I have learnt throughout my degree, learn new skills in an exciting new environment, and meet and work collaboratively with some amazing people (both industry mentors and talented students) along the way. The Environmental Protection Agency kindly opened up their doors and allowed us to work closely alongside them to assist in further developing and building on their HR approaches to their employment brand. This enabled us to gain an insight into the problems that many organisations face in the real life working environment, which will be a great asset heading into the full-time workforce. 

The exciting day at BizFest was filled with great company, food and experiences. However, one key aspect that fascinated me was a guest speaker from Randstad who shared some key insights in relation to employer brand research. Some interesting points were highlighted such as the fact that Seek, Trademe and Job boards are the main tools that people use to search for jobs. The upcoming rise of “Google for Jobs” was also discussed which will be released into the New Zealand market in the future.  This will vastly impact the way that businesses recruit and select employees, as well as the way that potential candidates seek information about jobs. This presentation was extremely insightful and also made me aware of the fact that what New Zealand employees are seeking in a job and what employers are offering, are currently not aligned. Due to this, it is extremely important for organisations to attract the people they desire by focusing on what people want out of an organisation such as work life balance, job security, progression, and salary and benefits.

I would like to thank the amazing Summer of Biz team, the extremely accommodating and insightful team at the environmental protection authority, and the informative guest speakers from Randstad and Alphero for giving up their Saturday and providing a unique and exciting learning experience that I will never forget.”

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