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Social media metrics – learning the mastery

By Laura Carrig
June 18 2017

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Below is a blog by our guest blogger, Carly Harris, a current Summer of Biz student. 

Presented by Tory Whanau – Digital Director for the Green Party of Aotearoa NZ, this boot camp was to teach us the ins and outs of analysing social media campaigns. Tory’s role consists of managing digital assets and producing content for the Party across a number of platforms, including the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

After promising us it wasn’t a political plug, she launched into a few examples of Green Party content.

“Which of these content pieces were popular? And which of these flopped?”

Tory got us started by asking the group to point out positives and flaws in her team’s work. Whilst a little daunting, it lead us toward some must-know advice about creating content for online campaigns:

The pieces that were most popular were videos or those that involved a clear call to action – directing the audience to an immediate response. This ensures you are not just reaching people, but engaging with them – which is one of the most important metrics. Tory also advised that this action needs to have a low barrier; something simple and easy to allow your audience to interact.

The importance of holding yourself accountable

Tory then explained the importance of holding yourself accountable to your own work – something she lead by example very well by showing us actual campaigns that hadn’t worked. Every piece of content is a learning curve!

Analytics – listen to your numbers

Using analytic software was next on the menu for the boot campers! Tory walked us through the software she uses, which was very impressive! Combining all social media accounts and metrics, the software provided demographic data, compares you to competitors and can even generate reports for stakeholders. The takeaway from this was to listen to your numbers –

Digital advertising is the most effective way to reach people outside of your current audience, bringing us back to numbers. Conversion rate of reach to engagement is the most important metric of them all, as it will reflect how successful your content has been.

Using software seemed to be the missing piece of the puzzle for me – exactly what employers desire you to know, but not something offered at University. I would just like to finish with an enormous thank you to Summer of Biz for providing such a valuable learning opportunity, and of course to Tory Whanau for sharing her expertise and hot tips on mastering social media metrics.

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