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My Summer of Biz: Shannon Wray

By Ella Halstead
January 29 2019

Posted in Blog

Written by Shannon Wray, Digital Marketing Intern at Uprise Digital

Having completed my first year of study and deciding on my majors in Marketing and Information Systems I was all set to start my second year of university. As classes started for the year the conversation around employability and life after university started dancing around in my mind. Where would I be? What would I be doing? Is a degree enough to get your foot in the door?

I then made it my mission for the remainder of my university time to gain as much experience in the business world as I could. This included partaking in the Summer of Biz Programme and many other things. Throughout my second and final year of university, I attended the majority of the Summer of Biz and a few Summer of Tech Workshops. They varied from CV tips and Self-branding to Analytics and Javascript classes. I also kept my online profile up to date and worked on networking in the industry as much as I could.

In my final year of study, I was chosen to attend Bizfest and Create Camp. These were both amazing weekends. I got to meet a whole bunch of other students that I hadn’t bumped into at uni. We all worked on crazy projects over a few days and came out having learnt a lot. At Create Camp my team made a website that showed the human to sheep ration in different regions around New Zealand -it was a hilarious weekend.

When it came time for the internship process I felt assured that I had done everything I could to be employable in the marketing industry. When the company profiles came out I analysed the options, and set my sights on a select few that I knew would be a good fit for me. After attending the Meet & Greet event and chatting with the various businesses, the wait began to find out if I had been successful in gaining any interest.

I was extremely lucky that my top pick also choose me as their top pick. I came in for an interview and the future was sealed. I had one interview, one job offer and one internship. I guess as they say if it’s meant to be, it will be, but hard work also does pay off. I have successfully worked in the area which I studied for straight out of my degree. This opportunity has not only taught me so much about the digital marketing landscape but it has strengthened my skillset, taught me so much about myself and the industry of which I love.

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