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My Summer of Biz: Ella Halstead

By Ella Halstead
February 13 2019

Posted in Blog

Written by Ella Halstead, Marketing & Content Intern at Summer of Biz/Summer of Tech

After all the amazing intern stories we have shared on the Summer of Biz blog, it’s finally time for my own (and no, it’s not because no one’s sending me blog posts – promise!).

My Summer of Biz has been a little bit different to most, as a Marketing & Content intern for the big guys themselves, Summer of Biz and Summer of Tech. This has meant working alongside amazing managers in an itty-bitty team of 4, meeting lots and lots of interns and mentors in Wellington, Auckland and even Nelson, and truly understanding the impact that the company has.

The best part of this internship has been seeing first-hand how rewarding it is to work for a company that gives back. So many past and current interns have expressed how thankful they are for the opportunities that SoT and SoB provided them. SoT especially has fostered such an amazing community of volunteers, mentors and alumni and I think the key is that the whole team truly cares about the students. I can’t wait to see SoB keep growing and do the same!

I have learned so much in this job! As much as university is important and teaches you lots of key skills, experiencing the industry first hand is so useful. The biggest difference i’ve noticed is the lack of ‘right and wrong’ answers. In the workforce, you just try and try again until something fits – no As or Bs or failing. I’ve learned what employers look for (hello enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and Google Analytics!), and what makes a good employee. I’ve also learned how to manage my time to work on lots of different projects at once, and a fair few new skills. Not only have I gained a lot of confidence in myself, I have also become more confident in thinking about my future in the marketing industry. Now I know what I want to do, AND I have the experience to put forward when applying for grad jobs. Not going to lie, a summer of free coffee and an office dog who played a constant game of fetch also helped make the experience great!

I honestly cannot recommend Summer of Biz and Summer of Tech enough to university students. It may be a little biased coming from me, but I have talked to enough interns this summer to see that it helps students so much finding their feet in the industry of their choice. I have so many friends that went home for the summer to work in that same old hospo job and I wish I had told them about this opportunity sooner!

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