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My Summer of Biz: Danielle Deans

By Ella Halstead
December 10 2018

Posted in Blog, Student Resources, Student Stories

Written by Danielle Deans, Digital Intern at WREDA

As the summer of 2018 approached quickly, I began thinking about what I would be doing over the summer holidays. I knew I wanted to find myself a job within the digital field, but I wasn’t sure how to go around achieving this. After receiving some advice, I was pointed in the direction of the Summer of Tech programme.

I spent that night creating a profile and writing about myself and career interests. This part was most exciting for me as I felt like I was taking my first leap in the direction of my dream job. Not long after, my profile was accepted, and I began browsing through the many internships.

I studied marketing and information systems as my majors and I will be finishing my degree mid-way through next year. I originally signed up for the Summer of Tech programme as my interests lie within the tech side of things but came across the Summer of Biz programme that offered digital marketing internships which were more suited to my degree.

The most helpful part of the programme was the workshops that lead up to the meet and greet event. I always thought, even if I didn’t receive an internship, I had gained many skills from these workshops that were valuable in themselves. I signed up for all the workshops that provided me with interview and networking skills, meet and greet tips, as well as the chance to practice and gain feedback. I remember the day of the meet and greet and feeling as though it was the most nerve-wracking thing I had done. I went around and expressed my interest to the employers and was lucky enough to be shortlisted for a few jobs that I was interested in. I completed my follow up interviews and before I knew it, the day of the offers arrived. I was over the moon to find out that I had received the Digital Intern role at WREDA for the summer.

I have now completed my 3rd week and I couldn’t have asked for a cooler place to work or a role more suited to my interests. So far, I have learnt how the back-end of the WellingtonNZ site works, as well as how to upload content, been a part of the testing for the 2018 Advent Calendar, attended a training session for Ubiquity (a data driven campaign manager) and am currently conducting a feasibility study on the use of Chatbots. My highlight so far would be meeting with the developers to gain insight in how the back-end of software development works.

Time is flying, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have been given this opportunity. Throughout the whole process I felt supported and the Summer of Biz staff were always there to answer my questions or offer advice. It is so rewarding to be able to work within a field that you feel passionate about and this internship has definitely given me a foot in the door. Not only have I received valuable insights into the industry, I have formed many connections with others who share the same passions. I couldn’t recommend the Summer of Biz programme enough and I encourage everyone to take that leap!


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