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Ministry of Education – Talent Acquisition bootcamp

By Ella Halstead
July 25 2019

Posted in Blog

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Education held a Talent Acquisition (TA) bootcamp in their building on Bowen St, right behind Parliament. Lilian Singson, the Sourcing and Selection lead at the Ministry, ran the hour anda half session alongside some of her HR colleagues.

The session began by Lilian introducing all the different components a TA professional oversees. Students heard about employer branding, recruitment, assessment, and on-boarding, and how as a TA professional it is crucial to keep the candidate experience in mind through all these activities.

Following this, the young professionals participated in an interactive activity where they were presented with a job advertisement. They were tasked with critiquing and providing recommendations on possible improvements, keeping in mind some of the things Lilian touched on during her presentation. Some great recommendations were provided suggesting alternative sourcing channels, more diverse and inclusive wording within the advert, and becoming more engaging with the presentation of the advert. Feedback from students was that they found the session valuable as it gave them an idea of some of the things a TA professional may do on the day-to-day.

Overall the night seemed a great success! We had one of the largest turnouts for an HR bootcamp thus far, and it was great to have a representative from the public sector step up and offer their building and personnel. A big thank you to Lilian and her team!

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