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Marketing Personas bootcamp

By Ella Halstead
July 25 2019

Posted in Blog

On Tuesday July 23 I attended the marketing personas bootcamp presented by Emily Perry and Kelly Kernighan, held at Flux Federation. I went into the bootcamp without any prior knowledge of marketing personas or what they were used for. Emily began the presentation by explaining the importance of using personas to represent a segment of the target market. However, she warned us to be careful of creating too many personas. This is because too many personas may result in segmentation paralysis, therefore it is best to have no more than 10 to ensure the company’s message remains consistent.

Kelly then took over to share with us the three key steps to developing personas. Firstly, market research must be conducted, then patterns in the research are identified and grouped into segments, and lastly, using the information from each segment the persona is created.

Kelly stressed the importance of basing the personas on real facts taken from market research, instead of making assumptions about the target market. I found this interesting as it explained why certain campaigns resonated with me more than others.

The event was a great opportunity to understand how a real business uses marketing personas in their day to day operations, while eating pizza!

I am really looking forward to attending future marketing bootcamps.

Anna Rossiter-Stead, Marketing Student

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