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Google Analytics: The Lion’s share of web analytics tools

By Laura Carrig
April 24 2017

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The topic was Google Analytics, the room was full of eager-to-learn students from Victoria University, Massey University, and the ICT Graduate School. Our wonderful industry speaker was Dave hockly, analytics and performance extraordinaire from Wellington digital agency, Springload.

Dave began with the question – Why are you all here?

“To help prepare me for a job in marketing”, “to learn how to use Google Analytics”, “because we need to know what our audience wants” were some of the answers.

We heard that Dave’s journey into Google Analytics began through owning his own business in Queenstown, selling organic produce. Dave and his business partners were eager to collaborate with interesting brands, tell their story, and do some “cool marketing stuff”. However, they quickly worked out – they had to pay for it. And, if this “cool marketing stuff” didn’t bring in sales – they still had to pay for it!

So, in order to bring sales, Dave navigated into the world of online marketing.

“Asking the question: How well does my marketing work? Is the difference between an ameteur and a professional”.

By creating a very cool website, Dave learnt:

A framework to systematically and scientifically improve the performance of a website

Dave then explained that a way to systematically and scientifically improve the performance of a website is through CRO, Conversion Rate Optimisation. This is what Dave likes to call “doing things well”, or, “doing things that work”. Here is the process and framework he goes through:

  1. When looking at a website, ask yourself – what is the goal of this website? Who is your audience? And, what do you want them to do? If you can answer: ‘What is the single objective of this webpage, or this goal’, it will take you from an ameteur to a pro, because it gives you a huge amount of clarity.
  2. A technical analysis, Dave calls this a ‘data-health check’ – he has a 70+ checklist where he systematically trawls through the technical configuration and looks at the Google Analytics.
  3. A web analytics analysis – looking at the data to see what is working and what isn’t!
  4. Heuristic analysis – a professional’s opinion. Dave looks through the website and reads how it is working, what looks good, and adds his opinion as to how it may work better.

Dave’s Must-do’s:

A big thank you to Dave for taking the time out to run this bootcamp!

If you didn’t make it to this bootcamp, register for our next one here:
Topic: “The death of press releases”
When: Wednesday 10 May
Industry Expert: David Cormack of Draper Cormack

REMEMBER – if you want an internship at the end of the year, you need to come to some of the bootcamps. Employers will be able to see who has attended bootcamps –  and who hasn’t.

We hope you have a good Anzac day – Lest we forget.

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