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Google Analytics Bootcamp: Student Story

By Fiona Shaw
May 12 2018

Posted in Blog, Student Stories

Summer of Biz student Laura Mae shares her experience at the Google Analytics Bootcamp with Chris Pointer from Uprise.

I love going to seminars after a day of uni. It’s a chance for me to network, learn something new in a chill environment and maybe even make a few friends.

This Wednesday I went to a Summer of Biz workshop hosted by Chris Pointer. Chris works for Uprise NZ which is a digital marketing agency that uses Google Analytics to hold data about customers. Chris presented to a room full of eager students about the ins and outs of digital marketing analytics – and it was super helpful! Digital marketing analytics is hella confusing, ‘cause you’re applying marketing, statistics and mathematics into this jumbled equation that hopefully tells you what your next marketing move should be. I went in thinking this was way out of my league, but Chris spoke with colloquial language that put all my worries to rest.

Firstly, I learnt what Google Analytics is. Google Analytics supplies you with data through visual aid to help you better understand your customer base, where they’re located and how long they were on your website for, along with many other technical things… Google Analytics is free to use and syncs data between all the other applications that Google offers us (docs, slides etc).

Secondly, the most powerful tool for a marketer is to pitch an idea with data. Statistics can be applied when pitching an idea to a business, and it’s far more useful than someone’s opinion. Whether you’re pitching an idea to your friend or to a potential client company, data is your best friend.

And lastly, I learnt that cookies are creepy for a customer, but so incredibly useful for a business. Cookies track our every move on a technological device, however if we log into a different device the cookies think we’re a different person. Have you ever wondered why sometimes flights will be cheaper on one device and more expensive on another… Blame it on the cookies.

This event helped me understand the basics of analytics from a real-life organisational perspective, and it made me realise I’ve got a lot more learning to do! So, next time you create a website and you wanna know how many people clicked into that website, why they clicked and where they are located… then Google Analytics is the tool for you.

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