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Creating the perfect profile

By Fiona Shaw
July 18 2018

Posted in Blog, Student Resources, Student Stories

This guest blog is by Paige Haydock, who is a student working with the Summer of Biz/Summer of Tech team to review profiles. She just reviewed her 1000th profile, so she knows a fair bit about what it takes to make the perfect Summer of Biz student profile.

Want your dream internship, but aren’t sure how to catch your potential employers eye? An effective Summer of Biz profile and CV is a great start! Producing an internship worthy profile may seem a little daunting, but the following tips will assist you.

Profile Tips:

There are a few important things you can do to make sure your student profile is approved and made live for employers to see as soon as possible:


One of the most common reasons for rejected profiles is unspecific blurbs. To ensure you aren’t one of these rejected profiles, I recommend:


A common mistake is not completing step two in the skills tab.

You need to make it clear if you have gained or used skills during paid work experience, or if you gained your skills during an assessment or in a tutorial.

Employers search candidates by skills, so select as many as possible. The more you select, the more likely you are to be seen!

Ambitions, Experience and Role-fit:

These sections are very important – they are like your cover letter. The following tips will help you construct effective answers:

CV Tips

Mastering your CV is a great tool to success! An important thing to remember when constructing your CV is that the small details matter. Your CV should have the following structure:

This is just a guideline, and you don’t have to follow it completely – it’s your profile! Be creative and don’t forget to proofread, as something as small as a spelling mistake could put employers off. Remember that personal details such as age, gender and religion are not requirements of a role, so there’s no need to state them. Your skills and passion for the role are more important. Good luck in your endeavours!

Paige is co-presenting a Bootcamp on August 9th – make sure to sign up through your Summer of Biz student profile!

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